About Us

Who We Are?

Ark House Rehab Ltd is a fully residential abstinence based 12 Step Treatment Centre. Founded in 1993 with the basic premise of offering low cost fully residential treatment, using the most successful method of treating addiction to date (The 12 Step Model of Alcoholics Anonymous) in order to bring treatment to all, not just those that can afford it.
Two decades later we still apply the same premise and, in that time, have gone on to successfully treat thousands of individuals with all types of addiction issues.

All the staff that work at Ark House are themselves in recovery from addiction and all work a 12 Step program. All staff are qualified in their own fields and the counselling staff are all qualified counsellors and psychotherapists. This allows us to deliver our 12 Step program in a safe and therapeutic way in the limited timescales that we have to work with individuals.

We provide a safe environment with high levels of support 24/7 for people to be able to address the underlying psychological issues that contribute and underpin their problems with addiction.

Equality, diversity and inclusion means that every resident has their individual needs comprehensively addressed. Each resident will be treated equally and without discrimination. This is regardless of the individual’s ethnic background, language, culture, faith, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender reassignment or any other aspect that could result in them being discriminated against purely because they have such characteristics.

Ark House is a large converted Victorian Hotel a short walk from the beach and the amenities of the town centre. We have limited disabled access to the building and none to the bedrooms and as such we are unfortunately unable to cater for those individuals who have restricted mobility. The accommodation is basic however it is homely and comfortable. Most rooms are twin with the exception of two single bedrooms which we use on a requirement driven basis. Most rooms are en-suite. The communal areas mixed and are open plan but discretely segregated to offer privacy.

The focus at Ark is on the therapy provided and the safety of its structured program. All groups, lectures and assigned course work is mandatory. Residents are expected to take part in the daily chores and routines of the house to ensure the house is kept clean & tidy.

Ark House is fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and complies to all Care Standards.

Our History


Bjorn R the founder of Ark House Rehab moved from his native country of Sweden in 1975. With an existing passion for music, he soon got involved with the local music community. This is where his binge drinking really took off.


By 1980 Bjorn was seeking professional help from the medical professions as his alcoholism progressed, they were unable to give him a solution to his problem. As his drinking spiralled out of control Bjorn “bottomed out”


He was then introduced to the 12 Step fellowships in November of 1984. This was to be the start of Bjorn’s journey into recovery.


9 months later in August 1985, Bjorn took his last drink and finally immersed himself into a 12 Steps programme of recovery. His passion was ignited for recovery and he began to travelled all around the UK to become involved in many 12 Step recovery events.


In 1990 Bjorn meet Joe McQ the founder of ‘Serenity Park Rehab’, ‘Recovery Dynamics’ and author of ‘The Steps We Took’ & ‘Carry This Message’ who would become his mentor.


In 1993 Bjorn travelled to Serenity Park Rehab Akron USA and whilst there was taught recovery dynamics therapy as used in Serenity Park Rehab. He had a vision of opening a treatment centre in the UK (Scarborough) based upon the principal of treatment for all, not just those that can afford it. In the same year Ark House Rehab was established and the program of recovery used in Serenity Park Rehab, was replicated at Ark House. Bjorn’s vision became reality.


To this day the treatment has remained unchanged and has gone on to help thousands of alcoholics and addicts to find peace, serenity and find recovery from their alcoholism and addiction issues.